Bone Shaped Dog Pool To Give Your Pet Access To Cool Water


If you’re looking for the perfect summertime accessory for your pet, look no further. This bone-shaped dog pool is just the thing to keep your pup cool and refreshed on warm days.

This pool has a unique shape that makes it look like a giant bone, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. Your pup will love splashing around in this fun pool all day long while you relax on the porch and enjoy the view.


It holds 85 gallons of water and has a slip-resistant bottom for easy entry and exit. A raised sides keep your pet safe while they swim or play.

This weather-resistant pool is made with an innovative material that resists power washing and doesn’t absorb moisture.


The Heavy-Duty Truck Bed Liner Material is a great option for any dog pool. This material is made to withstand the wear and tear of a truck bed liner, so it should be able to stand up to your dog’s pawing at it, too. It’s also easy to clean, which means you won’t have to worry about getting the liner wet or having any odors stick around when you’re done using it.


An inflatable bottom that keeps it sturdy and strong, the sides of the pool are made of mesh fabric that allows air circulation and makes drying off easy after a swim. Your dog will love splashing around in this fun pool!

The pool is available in different colors for each one to match your pet’s personality!


The bone shape makes it easy to fit any indoor or outdoor space, with different shapes such as a rib bone, femur bone, and spine. As well as options like the jawbone and cranium that are perfect for dogs who love digging in the dirt.


Dogs will love the playful design, and you’ll enjoy the durability of these deep-dish pools that are great for dogs of all ages.


This dog pool makes a fun addition to any backyard, especially if you choose to make it a permanent fixture.
It can be put in place on the deck, patio, or at any other location where you want to give your pet access to cool water.


Easy for transportation which includes a handle so you can easily move it around. It also has a drain plug at the bottom to make draining easier, and an inflatable ring around the perimeter that keeps water from splashing out. When you’re ready to drain the water out of your pool, simply unscrew the brass cap and all the water drains out, leaving your pup dry and happy!


It has a drain plug and handles for easy transportation and storage, and it comes in five different sizes: small (20″ x 24″), medium (24″ x 30″), large (30″ x 36″), extra-large (36″ x 48″) and jumbo (48″ x 60″). The jumbo size fits most German shepherds, but if you have a Great Dane or another larger breed, you might want to consider getting two small or medium pools instead.

The best way to using this pool in conjunction with sprayer to keep your dog cool even when they’re not in the water!

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What are the benefits of a Bone Shaped Dog Pool?

A Bone Shaped Dog Pool offers several benefits, including:
Cooling down dogs during hot weather.
Providing exercise, fun, and mental stimulation.
Offering joint and muscle relief for dogs with pain or stiffness.

How does a Bone Shaped Dog Pool work?

The Bone Shaped Dog Pool is made from durable materials like PVC or plastic with reinforced construction. It has a shallow, water-filled area for dogs to cool off and play, along with a drainage system for easy cleaning.

Can all dogs use a Bone Shaped Dog Pool?

Consider the size and swimming ability of your dog when using a Bone Shaped Dog Pool. Smaller pools suit smaller breeds, while larger pools are better for bigger dogs. Remember to supervise and support dogs that are not natural swimmers.

How should I introduce my dog to a Bone Shaped Dog Pool?

Introduce your dog to the pool by letting them explore at their own pace. Use treats, toys, and verbal cues for encouragement. Gradually allow them to dip paws and enter the pool. Positive reinforcement and patience are vital for their comfort and safety.

Can I use a Bone Shaped Dog Pool indoors?

Yes, a Bone Shaped Dog Pool can be used indoors as long as you have sufficient space and proper flooring to prevent water damage. It’s important to consider the pool’s drainage system and protect the surrounding area from excessive splashing.

Can humans use a Bone Shaped Dog Pool?

While the Bone Shaped Dog Pool is primarily designed for dogs, humans can also use it for relaxation or play with their pets. However, due to its smaller size and shape, it may not be as comfortable or suitable for human use as a regular swimming pool.

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