Enjoy All Sports with Ultra-Rugged Solar Powered Smartwatch

Bridge the gap between the analog and the digital with a solar-powered smartwatch, that captures a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Stay connected smartly, get the next-gen smartwatch with smart notifications when paired with a compatible smartphone. Keep up with your busy life—and yourself.

See what your heart rate trends look like or keep track of daily steps and calories burned, whether it’s a day on the beach or day out in the sun, this capable go-everywhere wearable delivers your heart rate and helps you beat yesterday.

garmin instinct solar surf cloudbreak

The solar-powered smartwatch with ultra-tough durability, powerful features, and extended battery life. It’s built to last, with stainless steel bezel around the face, polyurethane wrist strap, and stainless steel pins on the base station.

A man who has everything wants two things over everything else — a sunset and a beach.

Experience the world of surfing with this rugged GPS smartwatch. It provides dedicated surf features, including tide graphs and surf reports. It is equipped with outlast, a thermal regulation system that continuously circulates and helps prevent heat build-up and sweat. The heart rate monitor tracks the user’s pulse and automatically detects and records separate workout sessions for more efficient training.

garmin instinct surf outdoor activity

Just because the sun’s out doesn’t mean you can take a break—especially on your surf days. This timepiece is water-rated to 100 meters (330 feet). Put your best wave forward by tracking weather data, water temperature, sunrise and sunset times to provides sustained power with no charging necessary.

Activated by all three major global satellite systems and adapted for the world of surfing, the watch app delivers the critical data you need in a sleek design with five buttons, enhanced touchscreen visibility, and integrated sensors.

garmin instinct solar surf pipeline

This smartwatch comes with ABC News, AccuWeather MinuteCast®, Local Weather Outlooks, and more. Its always-on sunlight-readable display is easy to see in any condition.

Always ready with push-button connectivity to your smartphone, keep the music going on your next adventure with the solar-powered, plus you can store up to 300 songs for when you’re on the road.

There’s no denying that the Solar watch has bold color exterior patterns, sporty sleek design. It’s designed to be worn in or out of the water, allowing you to tailor your look to go longer between charges and enjoy activities like running, golfing, hiking, hunting, climbing, and surfing without worrying about charging your watch.

Live smarter, the solar-powered feature lets you know what’s happening with a quick glance—even when there’s no phone service or Wi-Fi.

With its ultra-tough, water-resistant design that meets the world’s toughest standards, the watch is built to be living proof. It features an always-on special mode display option that minimizes battery drain, even in the dark, so you can switch it off for even longer wear. Its sunlight-readable, high-resolution touchscreen features a backlight for easy use in darkness.

Sunlight generates power through the built-in solar cells on your Solar Chargeable GPS Smartwatch, making it a smarter choice for adventurous souls. Also, add the optional band and you have a watch that can be worn from work to weekend, from home to around town.

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FAQs – Ultra-Rugged Solar Powered Smartwatch

How does a solar powered smartwatch work?

Solar powered smartwatches have photovoltaic cells integrated into the watch face or strap, which convert sunlight into electrical energy. The generated energy is stored in a built-in rechargeable battery, powering the watch’s various features and functions.

Do solar powered smartwatches require direct sunlight to charge?

While direct sunlight is the most efficient source of energy for charging a solar powered smartwatch, it can also be charged in ambient light conditions, including indoor lighting. However, the charging rate may be slower in low-light environments.

Are solar powered smartwatches water-resistant?

Many solar powered smartwatches are designed to be water-resistant or even waterproof. The level of water resistance varies depending on the model and its specifications. It is important to check the manufacturer’s guidelines to understand the watch’s water resistance rating and any limitations or precautions.

No matter how far you roam, keep connected to your favorite devices—right at your fingertips!

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