23-in-1 Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool

The 23-in-1 Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool is a multifunctional and durable tool made for survival and rescue purposes. Backpackers and campers use it to dig holes. Emergency personnel used it as an emergency tool. Hunters use it to dig deeper spots to place their game or catch wild grass to make a shelter.


The shovel head adopts stainless steel with anodic oxidation treatment and various processing. It is sturdy and solid, with good toughness and wears resistance ability. The special handle provides you with a secure grip when using it in tough conditions. The shovel head has a variable angle and could be adjusted freely, which can contribute to different needs of the shoveling.

No matter if you’re in a desert or forest, this military multipurpose shovel will conquer any ground. With an easy pop-up feature, the head can be adjusted to be used as a hunting shovel or fire starter.


The telescoping shaft allows the shovel to be safely and easily carried at different lengths and is built of durable, lightweight aluminum featuring a steel-reinforced non-slip handle. The Wolf Thorn also features a serrated edge along the blade’s cutting surface making it useful both for digging as well as slashing through obstacles in your path.


The sturdy shovel is an item to treasure when taking on the zombie hordes during multiplayer. It features a hidden fire starter, with the ability to create a flame using the shift key and right-clicking. This will be very useful at times where matches and lighters may not be accessible.


If you break it down, the uses for this shovel include digging, chopping through dense roots or even hard soil, and chipping away at hard rocks. The list is endless.

The hidden whistle will alert others nearby if you are in danger or need assistance from others.


Never let cooking or warmth be a problem in the woods again. The 23-in-1 hunter’s tools include a concealed fire starter, the big game saw, hammer claw, pry bar, and more. it’s worth considering if you’re looking for a warm place to sleep outside or need fire to cook.


This tactical tool will come in handy when you’re on camping trips, hunting expeditions, or participating in backpacking adventures. With this must-have tool in your kit, you’ll be able to chop wood or shovel dirt which you can use to start a campfire or clear a campsite. The hidden fire starter is built into the shovel’s hilt and is designed for creating flames as needed with a simple back and forth motion.

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FAQs – 23-in-1 Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool

What tools are included in the Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool?

The Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool includes the following 23 integrated tools: shovel blade, saw blade, hatchet blade, knife, spearhead, bottle opener, can opener, fish scaler, fire starter, whistle, compass, rope cutter, wrench, nail puller, hexagon wrenches, screwdriver set, wire cutter, ice pick, rope threader, ruler, emergency hammer, glass breaker, and a storage compartment.

Is the Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool compact and portable?

Yes, the Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool is designed to be compact and portable. It features a collapsible design, allowing you to easily fold and store it in the included carrying pouch. This makes it convenient to carry during outdoor activities or in your backpack.

Can the 23-in-1 Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool be used for digging?

Absolutely! The main component of the tool is a sturdy shovel blade, which is ideal for digging holes, trenches, or fire pits. Whether you need to clear debris, create a shelter, or bury waste, the shovel is a reliable tool for these tasks.

Can the Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool be used for self-defense?

While the Wolf Thorn Hunters Shovel Tool has multiple blades and sharp edges, it is primarily designed for survival, outdoor activities, and utility purposes. It can be used as a tool for cutting and chopping, but it is not specifically intended or recommended for use as a self-defense weapon.

This multifunction shovel featuring a compact folding design allows packagers to save lots of space when it is packed in the backpack when going out.

Not only is it useful, but it is also a good-looking piece of hardware and features decorative handles made of attractive hardwoods that add to its functionality.

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